Rental Management & Maintenance Corporation, more commonly known as RMMC, INC., is an integral part of The Tyson Group Companies. RMMC’s team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals provide expert management and maintenance services for several multi-family housing projects, and several million square feet of retail, commercial, healthcare and industrial properties in the tri-county area.

As a result of our “team concept” with the other companies within The Tyson Group Companies, we are able to offer economical and innovative solutions for your commercial property needs.

Using our own maintenance staff when maintenance is warranted helps keep costs lower to put more money in your pockets. When needed, our clients can also benefit from our use of trusted vendors and contractors that provide high-quality service to keep your business operating. Our goal is to help make you profitable.

Because of its dedication to servicing the needs of both its clients and their tenants, RMMC enjoys an excellent reputation in the county and in the industry.