What Should I Look for In A Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Real estate is one of the safest, yet largest and most expensive investments one can make. Whether you are looking for an investment property, investment of an income producing property, a location for your business to buy or lease, you need to be able to depend on your chosen professional broker no matter how large or small your monetary investment.

They represent YOU and YOUR investment.

Being in the industry over 26 years and working with all types of investors and business owners, I know some of the traits important in selecting your broker to represent you.

Firstly, the broker needs to live and work in the community you are investing in. A knowledgeable broker on how local government works is key when it comes to permits, zoning and processes.

A broker with these relationships and knowledge is valuable. Also, a broker who has established themselves in community will know of properties that may not be on the public market yet and landowners who may not have their land listed but may want to sell.

No longer do brokers “specialize” in certain areas. Some do more industrial, office, medical or retail than their competitor, but in today’s market, most brokers have a deep knowledge of everything commercial real estate. On that note, just as you would not go to a brain surgeon to operate on your heart, it is not the best idea to go to a residential broker for commercial real estate and vice versa. It’s all real estate but laws, and legal documents are different.

Interview your broker and ask detailed questions. Research their website and social media. If you call a broker and they do not return your call or send you promised paperwork within 24 hours, move on. Don’t waste a broker’s time or yours if you do not truly have plans to purchase, lease or build.

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